What is your farm and kayak tour cancellation policy?  

We have cancellation policies depending on the situation: 

Standard Cancellation Policy:  Oyster Farm & Kayak Tour purchases are refundable minus a 5% processing fee until 30 days before your tour date.  Cancellations between 30 & 7 days before your tour date are available for store credit only.  No shows or cancellations less than 7 days you will be charged the full amount of the farm tour.  

Weather Cancellation Policy: 

If the tour is canceled due to poor or unsafe weather conditions we will try and reschedule. If that is not possible, you will be issued a full refund in your original payment method. If you used a gift certificate to pay then the gift certificate will remain unused and you can use it when you reschedule.

When will we know if a tour is canceled due to the weather?

Since storms can blow through that area quickly we monitor the forecast the days leading up to the farm tour. We will make the call when we are confident it will not be clearing out which could be as late as the early morning of the tour. You will only be contacted if the tour is canceled. If you do not hear from us, the tour is still on.

Is there a place where beverages can be kept cool at the farm?

Yes. We generally have cooler space available for you to keep your beverages on ice so they are kept cold until it’s lunchtime.

Is there a place to keep my belongings dry?

Yes. We have indoor space on the dock to keep your belongings safe & dry

Do I have to bring a ticket to the tour?

No, you do not need to bring a ticket with you. We will verify who you are verbally when you submit your signed waiver. 

Can I give my spot away last minute if I can’t make it?

Yes. As long as the individual attending is at least 12 years old and we get a signed waiver, they do not have to be the person who originally purchased the ticket.

Are there accessible bathroom facilities there?

Yes. There is one small bathroom located on the dock available for changing and quick bathroom breaks. However, we do recommend using the public facilities located outside the bait and tackle shop which is steps from the meeting point on the mainland noted above.

I saw a dog in some photos, will he be there? 

Bosun is our friendly farm dog who loves to greet our guests and spend his weekends on the water. He’s a medium size, well mannered, Vizsla who is present at most of our farm tours.

I have a food allergy, who should I tell? 

If you have a food allergy that may be an issue with the lunch we provide please call or email to discuss how this may affect your tour. Email: Events@BlueIslandOysters.com or call 631.750.5986.

How old do you have to be to participate? 

Due to certain physical requirements and the location of our farm, all participants must be at least 12 years or older to register and participate in our public farm tours.

 How do I redeem my gift certificate online? 

In late Spring, the summer farm tour dates and times will be listed on our website. You will enter your gift certificate number in the coupon or discount code spot when you make your purchase. If you are using it towards the cost of a private farm tour reservation it can be applied online payment if your group has that set up or provide the gift certificate information via email or over the phone.  Any balance at that time can be sent to you via email link to pay via credit card or can be paid over the phone.  Please do NOT send credit card info via email. 

Does my gift certificate have an expiration date? 

Gift certificates that are purchased do not have an expiration date. If you don’t use them one season you can use them the next season, or the next and so on and so on. Any gift certificates or discount codes with an expiration date will have it clearly noted on them.  

What kind of kayaks are used?  

The kayaks used on the kayak tour are self draining Ocean Kayaks.  They are extremely stable and you load and unload from our dock ramp platform before gliding into the water.  

Do I have a choice of a 1 or 2 person kayak? 

All of our kayaks are 2 person kayaks.  So unless there is not an even number of guests you will be kayaking with a partner. We will do our best to make sure you are paired with someone in your party, but that is not guaranteed if your party is an odd number of people.  

My gift certificate is for a farm tour, can I use it for something else?  

All gift certificates purchased can be redeemed for the purchase price for any merchandise, products or services available at the time of redemption. If you have a gift certificate with an issue date older than December 2021 please contact us and let us know how you want to use it so we can update the gift certificate specifications so it will allow you to use it online to purchase something other than a farm tour.

631-750-5986 or Events@BlueIslandOysters.com

Can I book a private tour? 

Yes. Private tours are available to be booked for a $1200 minimum for up to 10 guests, plus a $15 gratuity charge per person. Tours are available any days or times we have available. Call or email to inquire about your private group tour.

631-750-5986 or Events@BlueIslandOysters.com

Do you offer event insurance if there’s a possibility I can’t attend? 

No. We do not offer insurance. Please see our cancellation policy for farm tours.